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Obama Approval Ratings: August 18-24, 2014 »

Demographic breakdown of Obama's approval ratings as of this past week. Note the polarizing effect of party politics. Republicans approve…

Alejandro Esquino Gomez
by: Alejandro Esquino Gomez
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A Situation Where Whites Are Disproportionately Dying »

Historically, suicide rates have steadily declined, though in recent years, this trend has reversed. White males constitute the vast majority…

Anthony Sibley (AJ)
by: Anthony Sibley (AJ)
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Government Professionals: Salary and Race »

(Data from 2009) It is clear that whites are still the predominant group in professional government employment at all salary…

Alejandro Esquino Gomez
by: Alejandro Esquino Gomez
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Shaping our nation: 10 surprising facts about US migration »

Demographics expert Michael Barone illuminates a new angle on America's rise. America is the product of a series of large,…

by: AEI
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Millenials' Top-Rated Brand Attributes »

Millenials have over $170 billion worth of purchasing power every year. That is a big piece of the pie that…

William Achnitz III
by: William Achnitz III
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The global flight from the family »

All around the world today, preexisting family patterns are being upended by a revolutionary new force: the seemingly unstoppable quest…

by: AEI
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Who Wants Their Children to Play Football and Who Doesn't? »

Overall, 37% of Americans would encourage their kids to play other sports besides football. The biggest differences are between Democrats…

Kamil Skwarek
by: Kamil Skwarek
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Hispanic and Asian Populations Increasing Differently »

According to research by the Pew Research Center, Hispanic and Asian populations in the US are increasing, but for different…

Liam Duffy
by: Liam Duffy
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Google's Diversity Problem »

Google released data about their workforce demographics—and it's not pretty. According to their website, "We’re not where we want to…

by: SavvyRoo
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Happiness and Socio-Demographic Factors »

Income matters to individual happiness. Yet after basic needs are met, other things like how your income compares to that…

The Brookings Institution
by: The Brookings Institution
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Europe Demographic Forecast up to 2060 »

Charts and data below are focused on the zero-migration variant of forecast, i.e. estimates of natural population change only due…

by: Knoema
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Should US Use Military Force To End Syrian War: Breakdown »

Americans 65 and older, Democrats, college graduates, and non-Hispanic whites are more likely to agree with the majority of Americans…

Kaitlin Senk
by: Kaitlin Senk
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30 Somethings America's Unhappiest Age Group »

In a breakdown of Americans labeled as 'very happy' through Harris Interactive's Happiness Index, the 30-39 age group proved to…

Peter Graham
by: Peter Graham
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