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How It Started

While working on another project we heard over and over, “Engagement, communication and creativity are key to our success. But we have no time. Can you build an easy and fun-to-use system that improves those things and takes no time?” Well, no time was impossible. But under 3 minutes? That answer is, “Yes!”

Behind SavvyRoo

Our Origin

It has not been a direct path from where we started to where we are today. Originally, we wanted to change the very fabric of society by shifting the news industry from their current over-emphasis on rhetoric and sensationalism back to the dissemination of facts that inform the public on what is real and what matters.

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While the initial SavvyRoo endeavor didn’t catch wildfire as we’d hoped it would, we are still incredibly proud of our origins.

What We Value

We Believe

  • People want to contribute
  • Businesses benefit when more voices are heard
  • Being heard builds more commitment
  • Virtuous cycles are good
  • We (and technology) can help

Who we are

The team


Noah Blumenthal

Heroes: Ghandi, Pema Chodron, Victor Frankl
Passions: NYCFC, ukulele, coffee
Favorite tech tool: Tread desk
Past career: Professional juggler
3 Characteristics: Snarkiness, brevity
Current location: New York

Co-founder & Maintainer

Stephen Ostermiller

Favorite tech tool: Regular expressions
Favorite quote: "To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer." — Paul Ehrlich
Website: ostermiller.org
Current location: New Hampshire

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