Democrats Less Supportive of Israel, Gallup Data Show

by RJC on Aug 27, 2013 | Views: 369 | Score: 0
President should pressure PalestiniansPresident should pressure Israelis
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RJC on Aug 27, 2013 10:56 AM said:

A recent Gallup poll showed a striking difference of opinion between Republicans and Democrats on how to handle the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Democrats want President Obama to put more pressure on Israel to make compromises to end the conflict, while Republicans and Independents want the U.S. to put more pressure on the Palestinians.

Anonymous on Aug 27, 2013 1:13 PM said:

Very sad! Israel has compromised far beyond what should be necessary. What compromises have the Palestinians made? Let's face it, the Palestinians will take until there is nothing left. Isn't that what they want, NO MORE JEWS?

Anonymous on Aug 27, 2013 5:53 PM said:

Morty Goldberg If someone said that in 1946/'47 about the Jews in British internment camps in Cyprus, you would, justifiably, protest. I think a more thoughtful response on your part, Marty, is called for. As you may well know, Palestinians are not treated that well in many Arab countries, are over-represented in certain sectors of teh economy, and in fact demonstrate some of the same characteristics as Diaspora Jews, at least up to four or five decades ago, in terms of emphasis on education, working in civil service and related jobs, emphasis on family, etc.

Anonymous on Aug 27, 2013 9:09 PM said:

If the Arab countries had taken in the 600,000 "Palestinians" in 1948 like the Israelis took in the 600,000 JEWISH REFUGEES, we wouldn't be having this problem today. Palestinians are descendants of Jordanian and Egyptian citizens. The problem is neither country will recognize that. Arieh, if you know your history, you should know that the Arab leaders at the time told all Arabs to leave "Palestine" and they could go back to their homes after they "pushed the Jews into the sea". Many of those who stayed are respected Israeli citizens with college degrees in law, medicine, etc. and some even serve in the Knesset. Those who left are still waiting and bitching about their situation, unlike the Jews who were expelled from Arab countries. Those Jewish refugees have gone on with their lives. Morty is right!