Life After Winning The Lottery

by SavvyRoo on Mar 19, 2015 | Views: 116 | Score: 0
Already had a best friend and are still best friendsStill play the lottery on a weekly basisClaimed to be happier after winningStarted their own businessSpent their entire winnings within 5 yearsIncreased their contributions to charityMoved to a new location since winningHave gained weight
Percent of lottery winners that...9068554544403832
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SavvyRoo on Mar 19, 2015 12:18 PM said:

Ever wonder what it is like for those lucky individuals that won the lottery? After the dust settles, how do their lives change? Perhaps the one statistic that is most startling is that nearly half of all the lottery winners surveyed had spent their entire winnings in five years. Its not all bad news, however. Nine out of ten lottery winners stuck by their best friends throughout the entire process.