FAUX News: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (Well.. 2 of 3)

by Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Jul 28, 2013 | Views: 328 | Score: 4
Percentage More Believing True
When TARP Stimulus Package Was Voted On, Most Republicans Opposed12
Economic Stimulus Caused Job Losses12
Own Income Taxes Have Gone Up Under Obama14
Economy is Getting Worse26
Most Scientists Do Not Believe Global Warming30
Healthcare Law Will Worsen Deficit31
It is Not Clear Whether Obama Was Born in US31
Fox News Viewer Misinformation
Fox News Viewers Compared to Non-Fox News Viewers
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Anthony Sibley (AJ)
Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Jul 28, 2013 4:04 PM said:

Throughout the 2010 campaign season, over 90% of news-media viewers felt that their news source presented false information. However, viewers of Fox News were significantly more likely to believe this erroneous political information. This misinformation increases with the amount of Fox News watched. Impressively, Fox viewers are significantly less informed than those who don't even watch news media. Fox News is by far the largest cable news program, with more than twice as many average daily viewers as CNN and MSNBC, combined.

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2013 8:07 PM said:

Global Warming and whether or not Obama was born in the US surprised me the most. I mean, I could see how combining some skewed statistics with biased reports might cause people who only get their news from one source to believe some of the others, but those two, and the fact that the percentage was so high, is ridiculous.

Anthony Sibley (AJ)
Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Feb 3, 2014 9:06 PM said:

Excellent points. Given the significant amount of research and attention being given to global warming, and the constitutional nebulous in which a non-American American President would operate in, it's rather strange that FOX viewers would be so significantly more misled on the veracity of these issues. It's rather unsettling that this level of misperception corresponds so well with the amount of the FOX watched. That almost all news-media viewers realize their new source presents false information, and yet many seem powerless to recognize much of this invalidity, is further remarkable.

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