Fed. Gov't, Largest US Purchaser, Buys Like Mom & Pop Store

by No Labels on Aug 19, 2013 | Views: 103 | Score: 2
Total Department Procurement SpendingPercentage Spending Savings (through bulk-buying)
(DOD) Army125.20.2
(DOD) Navy105.40.1
(DOD) Air Force65.53.7
(DOD) Defense Logistics Agency3645.6
Veterans' Affairs17.11.4
Homeland Security14.219.8
Total Departmental Spending Compared to Percentage of Budget Saved Through Wholesale Purchases
Spending in billions of US dollars; savings in percentage of department or component's budget
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No Labels
No Labels on Aug 19, 2013 6:03 AM said:

Many American families know that buying in bulk can substantially cut their grocery bill. And yet, in the federal government, various agencies, and even internal divisions, purchase their supplies for themselves. No Labels is pushing the government to pool its purchasing power for large-scale cross-departmental purchases, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

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