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American Adults Prefer Zombies to the Winter Olympics »

On Sunday February 8th, Americans had a choice to watch a Mid-Season Premier of AMC's The Walking Dead, or some…

Matthew Lawlor
by: Matthew Lawlor
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Warmer Winters Threaten Future Olympics »

More than a dozen previous hosts of the Winter Olympics may be unable to host future games by the 2080's…

by: Rachel
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Olympic Security Concerns Run High »

Nearly half (44%) of Americans said that the decision to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia was…

Peter Graham
by: Peter Graham
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Today in History: 1964 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony »

On October 10, 1964, the Games of the XVIII Olympiad kicked off in Tokyo, Japan. The chart shows the medal…

Cafe News
by: Cafe News
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While Olympic Games Soar, Russia's Reputation Sinks »

A majority of Americans - 60% - now view Russia unfavorably. This is at its highest since 1999 when "Russia's…

by: Rachel
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Russia Questioned as Host of Olympic Games »

Of those who said that hosting the Olympic Games in Russia was a bad decision, 62% cited safety concerns.

by: Rachel
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Parent Income Keeping Kids Off the Field »

According to a recent survey, household income is a huge factor in whether or not kids can afford to be…

Eric Sirjord
by: Eric Sirjord
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