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The Racial Divide: Net Worth and Debt »

White families have higher debt levels than Black or Latino families; however, White families have far more assets against which…

United for a Fair Economy
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Top Ten Richest Members in Congress »

Out of the top ten, eight members are Democrats. In addition, only two of the top ten richest are women.

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America's Richest Presidents »

These are the American presidents that certainly didn't take their job for the money. John F. Kennedy holds the top…

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The Richest And The Poorest In Congress »

Public service attracts people from a variety of income levels, from the über rich, to those with a little less…

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The Net Worth Of America's CEOs »

While most American CEOs make an average salary between $100,000 and $250,000, their net worth is much higher. One out…

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Top Ten U.S. Presidents With the Biggest Net Worth (2010) »

Many presidents on this list are amongst the earliest presidents because they all hard large land investments. However, JFK's nearly…

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Median Net Worth Among Young (<40) Households »

Student debt is apparently a very large setback for both college-educated and not college-educated people in terms of accumulating wealth.…

Liam Duffy
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The World's Wealthiest People »

Some people may recognize the names on this list, but most will probably only recognize a couple. The number one…

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2007 Wealth Concentration in the United States »

This chart shows the percentage of total wealth held by each designated income group in 2007. Notably, just one percent…

Shane M.
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Latinos Lost 43% of Net Worth During Recession. Whites: 7% »

The worst economic downturn since the Great Depression produced dramatically disparate racial consequences. White families experienced a 6.7 percent decline…