The World's Wealthiest People

by SavvyRoo on Nov 20, 2014 | Views: 297 | Score: 0
Carlos Slim Helu (Mexico)Bill Gates (U.S.)Warren Buffet (U.S.)Bernard Arnault (France)Amancio Ortega (Spain)Larry Ellison (U.S)Eike Batista (Brazil)Stefan Perrson (Sweden)Li Ka-shing (Hong Kong)Karl Albrecht (Germany)
2012 Net Worth (Billions of Dollars)6961444137.536302625.525.4
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SavvyRoo on Nov 19, 2014 1:24 PM said:

Some people may recognize the names on this list, but most will probably only recognize a couple. The number one spot, Carlos Slim Helu, is sometimes referred to as the "Warren Buffet of Mexico," though by their net worth, perhaps we should start saying it the other way around. In total, the top 10 wealthiest people have a net worth of almost $400 billion.