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Top 5 Big Spenders Vastly Anti Net Neutrality »

With a proposal by the FCC that could potentially jeopardize Internet neutrality, lobbying expenditures are being evaluated and a troubling…

Stephen Ostermiller
by: Stephen Ostermiller
views: 324
Score: 8

We know politicians are bought. Here's who's buying. »

Buying political influence can be an expensive venture in American politics, and these five organizations know that reality best. The…

by: Noah
views: 253
Score: 6

The Prison-Industrial Complex »

The number of people incarcerated in private prisons grew by 1,664% from 1990—2009. Meanwhile, the two largest private prison companies,…

Natalie Lubsen
by: Natalie Lubsen
views: 176
Score: 4

How To Fix Congress According to the American People »

This poll was open ended, yet 22% of people believe that every member of Congress should be removed and/ or…

Alejandro Esquino Gomez
by: Alejandro Esquino Gomez
views: 101
Score: 2

Annual Lobbying Spending Across Major U.S. Industries »

The pharmaceutical and health products industry spent over $40 million more in 2013 on lobbying than any other industry. If…

by: kendramayer2017
views: 93
Score: 1

NRA Total Revenue Trends »

The only gun legislation Congress ever considers are laws that 80+% of Americans (including majority of NRA members) agree with.…

by: Noah
views: 60

In the Business of Lobbying , Who's On Top? »

Lobbying is a big business, there is no doubt. These five organizations have spared no expense for their lobby efforts.…

Lauren L.
by: Lauren L.
views: 41