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Flight Delayed? You're Not Alone »

A flight attendant once told me that passengers got angrier over flight delays than turbulence. So people are more afraid…

by: Noah
views: 83
Score: 4

Cost of U.S. air travel is 17% cheaper than 20 years ago »

The cost of air travel in the U.S. remained surprisingly stable during the last decade, with prices staying below $400…

by: AEI
views: 106
Score: 3

Kazan Crash Points out Lack of Aviation Safety in Russia »

A fatal plane crash on November 17th is the latest disaster for the Russian aviation industry. In a small airport…

Matthew Lawlor
by: Matthew Lawlor
views: 101
Score: 1

The Things We Hate The Most About Air Travel »

Without a doubt, air travel can sometimes be a downright unpleasant experience. It's cramped, stuffy, awkward, and frequently expensive, all…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 185

The Real Price of Your Ticket: Plane Accidents by US Airline »

American airlines have some of the best safety records of any airlines in the world, most ranking in the top…

Anthony Sibley (AJ)
by: Anthony Sibley (AJ)
views: 75

To Consider When Buying Airline Ticket: Price, Points & Life »

2012 airline safety rankings reveal a large disparity in the safeness of various airline companies. In America, the top airline,…

Anthony Sibley (AJ)
by: Anthony Sibley (AJ)
views: 81

Security vs. Privacy in the Airport »

Nearly 3 out of 4 air travelers say any potential loss of personal privacy from the full-body scans and pat-downs…

Eric Sirjord
by: Eric Sirjord
views: 38