The Slow Decline Of Facebook

by Christian Stellakis on Sep 2, 2014 | Views: 103 | Score: 1
Net Additional Monthly Active Facebook Users (In Millions Of People)
Q1 201071
Q2 201051
Q3 201068
Q4 201058
Q1 201172
Q2 201159
Q3 201161
Q4 201145
Q1 201256
Q2 201256
Q3 201254
Q4 201252
Q1 201354
Q2 201345
Q3 201334
Q4 201339
Q1 201448
Years By Quarter
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Christian Stellakis
Christian Stellakis on Jul 24, 2014 8:05 PM said:

Over the last few years, the growth rate of active Facebook accounts has slowly decreased, now hovering just under 50 million. While that is still an undoubtedly huge number, Facebook may face inevitable decline because it is literally running out of humans. Facebook has signed up over 50% of all internet users on earth.

Stephen Ostermiller
Stephen Ostermiller on Sep 30, 2014 4:37 AM said:

The growth rate has slowed because of market saturation. Nearly everybody who would ever want to be is already on Facebook.