The Growth of Video Streaming in Sports Last Year

by Kamil Skwarek on Feb 18, 2015 | Views: 183 | Score: 0
Time spent streaming per viewer (min)# of streams per viewer
Oct 201332.616.5
Nov 201330.116.1
Dec 201339.617.8
Jan 20144720.6
Feb 201445.927.8
Mar 201458.960
April 201468.4169.4
May 201450.992.4
Jun 201454.8145.6
Jul 201476.6214.4
Aug 201455.379.7
Sep 201454.6116.8
Oct 201443.994.6
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Kamil Skwarek
Kamil Skwarek on Feb 18, 2015 11:00 PM said:

Last year the number of streams per viewer and time spent streaming sports continued to increase. The peaks in April, June, and July correspond to March Madness, the NBA Playoffs, and the World Cup.

kendramayer2017 on Feb 20, 2015 7:05 PM said:

It would be interesting to compare the time spent streaming and number of streams during April, June, and July of earlier years. Still, the overall trend in the number of streams is definitely on the rise. How will this effect sports TV networks, if it effects them at all?

Peter Graham
Peter Graham on Feb 23, 2015 1:51 AM said:

Kendra, I think it will at the very least force networks to continue to diversify the ways in which they deliver content to viewers, and continue to invest in these new markets as they draw more consumers.