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Unionized Women Have More Access to Paid Leave »

Unionized women are more likely to have access to paid sick days, paid vacations, and paid holidays, than their non-unionized…

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Amount of paid paternity leave fathers seek from employers »

The Boston College Center for Work & Family surveyed over 1,000 fathers about their experiences with and attitudes about paternity…

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Paid Vacation Increases While Paid Sick Leave Decreases »

The average number of paid vacation days for full-time private industry workers increased among all tenure lengths from 1992-93 to…

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Longer Vacations For Those Who Keep Their Jobs »

The longer you work for the same employer, the more vacation days you get. After 20 years of service with…

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Educated Americans Have Access to Paid Leave »

In 2011, only 35% of Americans with less than a high school diploma had access to paid leave, while 72%…

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