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The Costs of Our Overseas Military Presence »

Americans have long been frustrated by inequitable burden sharing, with many of our wealthy allies spending a fraction of what…

Cato Institute
by: Cato Institute
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Better to Invest in Social Programs »

Spending on social programs like health care, energy conservation and education creates more jobs than spending of equal amount on…

Kaitlin Senk
by: Kaitlin Senk
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Are More Taxes Necessary? »

If you are concerned about the way your tax dollars are spent, you should probably speak up soon, before an…

Jillian Schweizer
by: Jillian Schweizer
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Hourly Spending Distribution on US Military Weapons »

Every hour 3.2 million dollars of tax payer money is spent on nuclear weapons, jet fighters, and cruise missiles. 2.2…

Nat'l Priorities Project
by: Nat'l Priorities Project
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Should the U.S. continue to aid Egypt? »

According to a recent PEW survey, 51% of Americans believe that the U.S. government should cut off military aid to…

Steven Davies
by: Steven Davies
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US Military Spending as Percentage of GDP »

After a 3 year stretch between 1999 and 2001 of bottoming out at 3.0% of GDP, US military spending rose…

Peter Graham
by: Peter Graham
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