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Top 5 Biggest Municipal Bankruptcies in U.S. History »

On July 18, 2013, the City of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy for the amount of $18 billion, the…

Steven Davies
by: Steven Davies
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Should the Detroit Lions even have a kicker? »

The Detroit Lions have a pretty good team this year. Their defense is holding up fairly well and their offense…

James Gaither
by: James Gaither
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Comparing Detroit's Debt Obligation to Federal Government's »

The city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy in large part due to the city’s huge unfunded obligations, which totaled $26,655…

The Heritage Foundation
by: The Heritage Foundation
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The Rise And Fall Of The Motor City »

The once-great city of Detroit is slowly dying. Reaching its peak population of nearly 1.9 million in the 1950s, Detroit…

by: SavvyRoo
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Americans Are Leaving Major Midwestern Cities »

Over the last sixty years, population in major Midwestern cities has significantly declined. Detroit and Chicago are showing population declines…

Matthew Lawlor
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