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How Well Does The Government Represent You? »

Even though women and people of color can run for office, they have a hard time being elected. Our current…

by: Noah
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Score: 4

Mute Minorities: the 113th Congress »

White (not hispanic)s constituted 62.6% of the United States population in 2013. This means that Congress fails to represent the…

Alejandro Esquino Gomez
by: Alejandro Esquino Gomez
views: 241
Score: 3

5 Worst States for Black Children »

African-American children face several barriers to success. This study rated states on 12 factors, from educational access to socioeconomic status…

by: Noah
views: 228
Score: 2

Fueled by ALEC, Racial Discrimination Grows Behind Bars »

Nationally, the incarceration rate for African-American men is 6.7 percent, but it is nearly double in Wisconsin, at 13 percent.…

by: PRWatch.org
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Score: 2

Are White Male Opinions The Only Ones That Matter? »

White men write 80% of all major publication op-eds. For example, a review of the New York Times and The…

Kaitlin Senk
by: Kaitlin Senk
views: 75
Score: 1

The Great Ferguson Divide »

Racial tensions in Ferguson, Missouri erupted into riots after a grand jury in St. Louis County did not indict Officer…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 127

The Rise Of A Fatherless America »

All across America, fathers are disappearing. Since 1960, the percentage of single parents has more than doubled in the United…

Christian Stellakis
by: Christian Stellakis
views: 229

Raising Minimum Wage Could Benefit Women The Most »

Nationwide, women comprise two-thirds of all minimum wage workers. Minority women are more likely than white women to work these…

Democracy Collaborative
by: Democracy Collaborative
views: 344

Black Americans, Cut Off From the Land »

In 1910, at the height of black land ownership, 15 million acres of farmland—14 percent of the total—was owned and…

YES! Magazine
by: YES! Magazine
views: 323

Spending: African Americans vs Whites »

This chart compares the share allocated to selected expenditures by ethnicity and race for 2012. Black, non-Hispanics allocated more money…

by: BeyondThePurchase.Org
views: 269

Looking Deathworthy? Perceptions Cloud Justice in Sentencing »

The degree to which a black defendant is perceived as "Black" in appearance, based on preconceived stereotypes, substantially affects the…

Anthony Sibley (AJ)
by: Anthony Sibley (AJ)
views: 137