Job Creation is Faster for States Raising Minimum Wage

by CEPR on Jul 30, 2014 | Views: 385 | Score: 0
States that raised minimum wage at the beginning of 2014...WashingtonColoradoOregonFloridaRhode IslandMissouri; OhioArizonaMontanaNew YorkVermontConnecticutNew Jersey
% Growth
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CEPR on Jul 8, 2014 5:44 PM said:

In January, 13 states increased their minimum wage. Four passed legislation raising wages. In the other nine, their minimum wage automatically increased in line with inflation. An evaluation by Goldman Sachs found that in the states where the minimum wage went up, there was faster employment growth than the states where the minimum wage remained at its 2013 level.

Sharon K.
Sharon K. on Oct 2, 2014 7:02 AM said:

North Dakota has the fastest job growth in the nation, at 3.3 percent. Then Texas, Arizona, and Utah. Don't see those on the chart.

Noah on Oct 3, 2014 11:31 AM said:

Sharon, great point. 4 states at the top of job growth list that didn't raise minimum wage matters. Of course, there could also have been 4 states at the bottom of the list that didn't raise. The real question is probably what is the average of the states that raised vs the average of the states that didn't?