Unemployment Remains Stubborn

by American Action Forum on Nov 13, 2013 | Views: 239 | Score: 0
U-3 UnemploymentU-6 Unemployment
October 20127.914.5
November 20127.814.4
December 20127.814.4
January 20137.914.4
February 20137.714.3
March 20137.613.8
April 20137.513.9
May 20137.613.8
June 20137.614.3
July 20137.414
August 20137.313.7
September 20137.213.6
October 20137.313.8
Sources: portalseven.com
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American Action Forum
American Action Forum on Nov 13, 2013 12:08 AM said:

U-3 unemployment rose to 7.3 percent (from 7.2), which reflect a loss of 735,000 jobs and a loss of 720,000 in the labor market. Labor force participation fell to the lowest since March 1978; 62.8. The household survey is just plain bad news that can be partially attributed to the shutdown disruption, but can’t be simply dismissed.