Is Unemployment Still A Problem In America?

by SavvyRoo on Apr 10, 2015 | Views: 204 | Score: 0
How serious a problem is unemployment in the U.S.? % of Americans that believe it is ...
Very serious39
Somewhat serious47
A minor problem12
Not a problem0
Not sure2
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SavvyRoo on Apr 10, 2015 10:49 AM said:

Unemployment is holding steady at about 5.5%, the lowest it has been in nearly seven years. Despite this fact, however, the vast majority of Americans still see unemployment as a serious problem facing the nation. A recent Economist/YouGov poll found that over 85% of those surveyed believe the issue of unemployment to be at least a somewhat serious problem for the United States, while not a single American surveyed believes it to not be a problem.