Women Are Economic Powerhouses

by William Achnitz III on Mar 4, 2015 | Views: 572 | Score: 7
Investable assets controlled by women11.2
Investable assets controlled by men17.4
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William Achnitz III
William Achnitz III on Mar 4, 2015 10:02 PM said:

In the United States, women exercise decision-making control over $11.2 trillion. That's almost 40% of the nation's total investable assets. Unfortunately, a disappointing statistic discovered in this study was that despite being among the most financially literate people in the world, American women are 44% less likely to consider themselves knowledgeable than men. So, come on ladies, be bold, be confident, and take an even bigger piece of this pie.

kendramayer2017 on Mar 5, 2015 4:36 AM said:

I wonder how this 2014 statistic about investable assets would compare to 10 years ago - or even 30 years ago. The aim is obviously to have investable assets split roughly 50-50. That said, this chart would make me optimistic if 10 years ago women held significantly less than 40% and that their assets as a percent of the whole are growing.

Peter Graham
Peter Graham on Mar 8, 2015 7:25 AM said:

These are certainly promising numbers compared to the likely lower historical average. Gender equality has built considerable momentum into the 21st century with movements such as Lean In. I think we can reasonably expect the percentage of women at the highest levels of politics and business to increase in the decades to come.

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