What Now Will Become of Government by the People?

by Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Jan 16, 2015 | Views: 118 | Score: 0
Non-Candidate Spending in Senate Races ($)
2010 Midterm Election220
2014 Midterm Election486
Inflation-Adjusted USD
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Anthony Sibley (AJ)
Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Jan 16, 2015 12:24 PM said:

With Citizens United, among other cases, the Supreme Court has eviscerated longstanding regulations of campaign finance-- with a dramatic effect on elections. Without limits on the amount that an entity can contribute, outside spending has become dominated by mega-donor contributions of six and seven-figures, promoting politicians' reliance on an elite few over grassroots. Rather than hindering corporations' "right" to free speech, as the Court claimed, campaign finance limitations ensure that the People's voice is not lost in a cacophony of monied interests. See the linked charts for more!

Peter Graham
Peter Graham on Jan 18, 2015 8:19 AM said:

Very well said. How can we each have an equal voice when money is equated with free speech?