The Severance Packages That Most People Can Only Dream About

by SavvyRoo on Jan 4, 2015 | Views: 127 | Score: 0
Amount of money awarded in severance package (in dollars)
Jack Welch417361902
Lee Raymond320599861
Bill McGuire285996009
Ed Whitacre230048463
Bob Nardelli223290123
John Kanas214300000
Fred Hassan189352324
Lou Gerstner189005929
Hank McKinnel188329553
Tom Ryan185415435
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SavvyRoo on Jan 4, 2015 6:58 AM said:

The ever-controversial "Golden Parachute" retirement packages are awarded to company executives in an attempt to regulate the market for corporate control. Oftentimes, though, the amount of money afforded to these CEOs can seem ludicrous at best, and criminal at worst. The former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch holds the record for the largest severance package, retiring from his position with a severance package worth over 400 million dollars.