Player expertise determines tic-tac-toe winner

by Stephen Ostermiller on Nov 4, 2014 | Views: 100 | Score: 0
X WinTieO Win
Novice vs Novice57.112.330.6
Novice vs Intermediate6.425.368.3
Novice vs Experienced2.62176.4
Novice vs Expert020.479.6
Intermediate vs Novice90.481.6
Intermediate vs Intermediate31.651.317.1
Intermediate vs Experienced16.173.610.3
Intermediate vs Expert083.916.1
Experienced vs Novice90.88.50.7
Experienced vs Intermediate35.552.811.7
Experienced vs Experienced13.385.90.8
Experienced vs Expert098.31.7
Expert vs Novice97.82.20
Expert vs Intermediate76.623.40
Expert vs Experienced27.172.90
Expert vs Expert01000
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Stephen Ostermiller
Stephen Ostermiller on Nov 4, 2014 12:52 PM said:

If two expert players face off in Tic-tac-toe, the game is always tied. However, if either player is less than perfect their opponent will win sometimes. When there is a non-perfect player in the game, it is an advantage to go first.