Texas Will Change Presidential Politics Forever

by Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Oct 11, 2014 | Views: 49 | Score: 0
2010 Registered Voters2014
Voter Registration in Texas' 6 Largest Counties58855386258819
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Anthony Sibley (AJ)
Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Oct 11, 2014 8:33 PM said:

While Texas has been long considered an unremittingly "red" state, having last voted for a Democratic-presidential-candidate in 1976, voter-registration drives have had resounding success in the last four years, with registration in the six largest counties increasing by 373,281 since 2012. Texas had the worst voter-turnout of any state in 2010. To see what this might portend for presidential-elections: savvyroo.com/chart-1259884984…