Juicy News? Let's Talk About It Offline

by Natalie Lubsen on Oct 1, 2014 | Views: 125 | Score: 0
If the topic of government surveillance programs came up in this setting, % who would be very/somewhat willing to join the conversation
At a family dinner75
At a restaurant with friends71
At a community meeting68
At work66
On Facebook (of those who use FB)43
On Twitter (of those who use Twitter)41
Sources: pewinternet.org
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Natalie Lubsen
Natalie Lubsen on Sep 28, 2014 11:17 PM said:

In a Pew Survey, "People reported being less willing to discuss the Snowden-NSA story in social media than they were in person." Now this may be partly due to the topic—who wants to talk about Internet spying on the Internet—but it also indicates that social media, for all its attraction, is no substitute for good old-fashioned conversation.