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2013 Saw Record High Number of Refugees Worldwide »

The 2013 level of displacement was the highest on record. 51.2 million people globally had been forcibly displaced. Of the…

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Southern Europe Asylum Requests On The Rise »

Among the European regions, southern Europe saw the largest relative increase in asylum seekers. Italy and Turkey accounted for most…

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Children Were Largest Refugee Group in 2013 »

The UNHCR reported that refugee numbers hit a record in 2013. Of these, roughly half are children. This is the…

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The Forgotten War: Rise of Refugees Fleeing Syria »

A dramatic increase in refugees have left the war-torn country for neighboring Arab states since the beginning of the Syrian…

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Top Ten Nations Sending Refugees to the US »

The total number of refugees granted asylum in the U.S. in 2013 has not yet been tallied, but 262,023 refugees…

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9% of Syrian Population Has Fled Country »

According to Business Insider, "if current trends persist, more than 3 million Syrians would have left their country by the…

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