The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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A result of the brutal civil war that has claimed thousands of lives, many Syrians are leaving their homes, seeking refuge and protection from many western nations. The conflict has uprooted approximately 12 million Syrians, about a third of which have become refugees, seeking asylum in countries throughout Europe. In a recent declaration, however, President Obama announced his initiative to drastically increase the number of Syrian refugees accepted in the United States, a proposal that aims to decrease the suffering experienced by the Syrian people.

The Syrians: Why They Are Leaving

Too dangerous to stayMy family convinced me to leaveGovernment forces took over my townMy friends convinced me to leavePeople threatened me to leaveMost of my neighbors also leftThe cost of living in Syria became too highGovernment forces destroyed my homeI had no place in Syria to stayI ran out of money and could no longer stayRebel groups took control of my town
% of Syrian refugees that claim their reason for leaving Syria was...56.746.743.338.33531.731.731.726.716.713.3

The crisis is Syria is undoubtedly complex, and the reasons for refugees to flee is likewise varied. A recent Washington Post poll of Syrian refugees uncovered a number of reasons why they are leaving their home country in search of asylum elsewhere. The majority of those polled revealed that their home had simply become too dangerous a place to live, while a stunning one in three claimed that their home had been destroyed by the government's forces.

Acceptance Of Syrian Refugees

Number of Syrian refugees accepted by the United States
*** Represents a projected value

Since the Syrian crisis began in 2011, the United States has accepted approximately 1500 refugees, the vast majority of which were welcomed into America this year. President Obama, under pressure from the international community, has called for a vast increase in the number of refugees accepted into the United States. Consequently, the US will open its doors to at least ten thousand Syrian refugees in the coming year, a decision that didn't fail to raise some eyebrows.

Shouldering The Burden Of The Crisis

Total number of Syrian refugees accepted
United States1500

Despite President Obama's initiative to help the Syrian people, America is shouldering a comparatively little burden in dealing with the vast refugee migration. Two of the countries bordering Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, have dealt with the brunt of the crisis, collectively accepting three million refugees into their country.

The American Public Divided

Thinking about the migrant crisis in Europe... Do you support or oppose admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. over the next year? % of Americans that...
Don't know / No opinion6

Regardless of the humanitarian aspects of the crisis, many Americans are hesitant to open their doors to the incoming wave of refugees. According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, a slim majority of the public opposes Obama's plan to accept ten thousand refugees over the next year. The primary reason for the opposition is that the majority of Americans feel that allowing the Syrian refugees to enter the country could pose a threat to the security of the nation.

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