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The Value of An Academy Award »

This chart is suppose to be an estimated gain after the Academy Awards ceremonies, and see how much an can…

Sebastian M.
by: Sebastian M.
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I'd Like To Thank The Academy... »

Sometimes celebrities milk the Oscar spotlight with long, elegant soliloquies. Other times, a sentence or two is all they need.…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 10

The Curse Of The Oscar Nomination »

While everyone likes to pick on poor Leo for not having won the ever-elusive Oscar, it might surprise many people…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 42

When It Comes to Oscar Wins, One Stands Far Above the Rest »

While Katherine Hepburn is the most successful actor/actress in Academy Awards history, Walt Disney far outstrips anyone else at the…

Anthony Sibley (AJ)
by: Anthony Sibley (AJ)
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