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No Place Like Home »

According to a 2008 PEW research survey, 57% of American adults have never moved outside of their home state. The…

Jacob Jedamus-Denu
by: Jacob Jedamus-Denu
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Where do Americans move? »

When changing their places of residency in 2011-12, 64.4% of moving Americans (23.5 million) relocated within the same county. 18.6%…

Steven Davies
by: Steven Davies
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What are the main reasons that people move? »

In 2011-2012, there were 36.5 million Americans who changed their place of residency. Of these movers, 49.4% relocated due to…

Steven Davies
by: Steven Davies
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Fewer Americans Are Moving »

The number of Americans moving to different homes has been trending downward since 1984-85. Along with this, the percentage of…

Steven Davies
by: Steven Davies
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Most Internally Mobile Regions »

In an international study of the percentage of internal migrants within a region, New Zealand was found to be the…

Peter Graham
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