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A First For American Opinions on Same-Sex Marriage »

In 2001, Americans opposed same-sex marriage 57% to 35%. Since, support for same-sex marriage has grown. Today, a majority of…

Kaitlin Senk
by: Kaitlin Senk
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Do You Live Near a Hazardous Site? What Race Can Tell You »

A study in Massachusetts found that 24 of the 30 most environmentally overburdened communities in the state are communities of…

YES! Magazine
by: YES! Magazine
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Obamacare Early Enrollment: It's Supposed to Be Slow »

If there’s one chart that’s soothing Obamacare supporters, it’s this one. Only .003% of those Massachusetts residents who signed up…

The National Memo
by: The National Memo
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A Drop in Mortality is Stale News »

The New York Times reported that a drop in mortality in Massachusetts not seen elsewhere can be attributed to its…

Cato Institute
by: Cato Institute
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