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Israeli Government: More Settlements, More Demolitions »

In an effort to maintain a Jewish demographic majority in Jerusalem, the Israeli government announced construction of 1500 housing units…

by: Mondoweiss
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Republicans More Likely Than Dems to View Israel Favorably »

Seventy-eight percent of Republicans surveyed said they view Israel favorably, while just 60 percent of Democrats felt the same.

by: RJC
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Score: 1

US Jews: Attachment Attitudes Towards Israel »

69% of Jews feel somewhat or very emotionally attached to Israel. While Jews of religion have a stronger attachment than…

by: RJC
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Israelis Don't Trust Obama's Iran Promises »

President Obama famously told Israelis facing the threat of a nuclear Iran, "We have your back." But only 22% of…

by: RJC
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