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Something Fishy is Going On »

A study found that up to 32% of seafood imported into the U.S is poached. The fish industry is a…

Maria Donnelly
by: Maria Donnelly
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United States Footwear Imports »

The U.S is a massive importer of footwear and in 2013 the growth continued. Suppliers of footwear are highly concentrated…

Patricia Sander
by: Patricia Sander
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What Kind of Salmon do Americans Eat? »

When it comes to U.S. salmon consumption, it looks like canned salmon takes the bait.

by: SavvyRoo
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US Trade Surplus or Deficit as a Share of GDP »

This chart shows the nominal U.S. trade deficit as share of GDP. These data are taken from the National Income…

by: CEPR
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