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Do YOU Approve? »

Gallup's historical look at overall Presidential approval ratings ranging from Truman to Bush. You may be surprised by some of…

Matt Hartill
by: Matt Hartill
views: 433
Score: 9

The Rise of Democracy »

After WWII, the number of both democracies and autocracies in the world were low, but over the course of the…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 297
Score: 5

Obama: The Most Polarizing President In Recent History »

More than likely, its either you love him or you hate him. President Obama ranks as the most divisive president…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 168
Score: 2

Almost half of scientific papers go uncited »

If you were to print out just the first page of every item indexed (Thomson Reuter´s Web of Science holds…

Amparo C.
by: Amparo C.
views: 57
Score: 2

Deadliest War in US History: Civil War »

Throughout US history, the Civil War has been the deadliest major conflict. It represents over 50 percent of US military…

Stephen Ostermiller
by: Stephen Ostermiller
views: 207
Score: 2

How the Roman emporers died »

Between 14 AD and 395 AD there were 70 roman emperors. More than a third are thought to have died…

Stephen Ostermiller
by: Stephen Ostermiller
views: 93
Score: 1

The Legacy Of Barack Obama »

How will Barack Obama be remembered as President of the United States? Only time will tell. According to a recent…

Christian Stellakis
by: Christian Stellakis
views: 182

The Population Explosion »

With a few exceptions earlier in history, such as Rome, the largest cities have remained relatively similar in size -…

Dustin M.
by: Dustin M.
views: 80

Total Days of Government Shutdown By President »

The five separate government shutdowns which occurred under President Jimmy Carter total a length of 57 days. President Ronald Reagan…

Matthew Lawlor
by: Matthew Lawlor
views: 91

Length of Previous US Government Shutdowns, In Days »

Of the 17 prior US government shutdowns, the longest was the most recent. The shutdown beginning on December 5, 1995…

Matthew Lawlor
by: Matthew Lawlor
views: 305