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Student Debt - More Than They Bargained For »

A new study finds college students are taking on larger loans than they understand. “College students do not have a…

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Tax-Based Student Aid Mostly Benefits High-Income Households »

Currently, tax-based student aid provides less benefit to low-income students than high-income students. It is important that we improve how…

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Why More & Better Financial Aid is Needed for Students »

The unmet need, or the gap between college costs and what students can afford to pay on their own, is…

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Substantial Proportions of College Students are Parents »

Close to half of college students no longer fit the “traditional” student model. Students with children face financial challenges to…

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The Rising Cost of Higher Education »

From 2000-2010, the combined tuition, room, and board price for an undergraduate at pubic institutions rose 42%, while private schools…

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Increase in Number of Student Loan Borrowers »

The number of Stafford Loan borrowers has almost doubled over the last decade. Stafford Loans are government-funded student loans.

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