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How much less is your bachelor's degree worth? »

According to the most recent census, 113,000 janitors in the U.S. have at least a bachelor’s degree. And, over 18,000…

by: Noah
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By the Numbers: Obamacare Enrollment »

There have been 846,184 'Obamacare' applications completed in the month since Healthcare.gov went live. Because many of these applications are…

Michael Collier
by: Michael Collier
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Only 100,000 Select Obamacare Plans In October »

Only 106,185 people have enrolled in the new Affordable Care Act health plan so far .The figure includes nearly 80,000…

The National Memo
by: The National Memo
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Tax-Based Student Aid Is Not Going Where It's Needed »

Tax-based aid provides support to individuals already likely to attend college. 20% of AOTC and LLC went to households earning…

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More Females than Males in American Colleges in 2014? »

A recent study done by the National Study for Educational Statistics revealed that they expect females to outnumber males on…

John Litchfield
by: John Litchfield
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What Tax-Based Student Aid Could Look Like »

Under proposals, tax-based student aid would go to the low- and modest-income families and individuals who most struggle with college…

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The (Underwhelming) Impact of Obamacare »

Obamacare's impact on the number of Americans without health insurance has been underwhelming. The Congressional Budget Office had initially projected…

by: RJC
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Enrollment in State Pre-K Programs »

In 2012, 40 states operated pre-kindergarten programs. Total state pre-kindergarten spending steadily increased from 2006 to 2010, with the largest…

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