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Alone in the Universe? Probably Not... »

Exoplanets are terrestrial planets that orbit stars outside of our own solar system. Currently, 1700 have been discovered, with 12…

Jacob Jedamus-Denu
by: Jacob Jedamus-Denu
views: 444
Score: 19

Don't Be Trashy, Recycle »

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We can make the world a little greener just by recycling the things that we can. Although…

September Oliveros
by: September Oliveros
views: 133
Score: 4

Earth Can Be A Cruel Planet »

The Earth is amazing. It is the only planet we know of to provide millions of species of organisms with…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 225
Score: 2

Has America lost its passion for space? »

The NASA budget has been decreasing as a percentage of the U.S. budget. During the early ages of space travel…

Steven Davies
by: Steven Davies
views: 129
Score: 2

White People Most Skeptical About Global Warming »

Most Hispanics believe humans are to blame for warming the planet, while white people feel the global-warming debate is lacking…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 92

Exoplanet Candidates by Size »

As of January 7, 2013, there were 2,740 potential planets discovered in the Kepler data. Of these potential exoplanets, 1,290…

Steven Davies
by: Steven Davies
views: 83