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USA: Still the Billionaire Capital of the World »

The number of billionaires in America far overshadows even the next in line, China, three times over. Some CEOs of…

New Economy Working Group
by: New Economy Working Group
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This Is How The Federal Government Is Funded »

When it comes to providing America's government with sufficient funds, it is undoubtedly a collective responsibility. Over 93% of all…

by: SavvyRoo
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3 Outrageous Numbers On Corporate Tax Breaks »

All Americans benefit from public goods like clean air and water, infrastructure, education and other federal programs. These goods are…

Nat'l Priorities Project
by: Nat'l Priorities Project
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Corporate Profits Setting Record Highs »

Wall Street's forty-year campaign has recently allowed corporate profits to soar, while high unemployment looms for Americans. Real community wealth…