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Socialism vs. Capitalism: Millenials Weigh In »

A recent Pew survery found that those aged 18 to 29 have a more favorable reaction to the term “socialism”…

Democracy Collaborative
by: Democracy Collaborative
views: 773
Score: 3

Embracing Capitalism »

With the launch of the e-commerce company Alibaba Group in the American market, the U.S. saw a Chinese company have…

Alejandro Esquino Gomez
by: Alejandro Esquino Gomez
views: 109
Score: 2

238 Years Later: No Taxation Without Representation »

Though we inherited our civilizational foundations from the United Kingdom, Americans have opposite views to our counterparts across the pond…

Peter Graham
by: Peter Graham
views: 99
Score: 1

The Year Of The Drone »

There were a lot of interesting technological trends in 2015, one of which being the dramatic increase in the popularity…

by: SavvyRoo
views: 52

What You Make In A Lifetime Can Be Made In 5 Minutes »

According to a medieval historian, today's wealth inequality is much worse than what prevailed in the Middle Ages. What does…

Democracy Collaborative
by: Democracy Collaborative
views: 127