LSD, Good For Anxiety?

by Jacob Jedamus-Denu on Mar 7, 2014 | Views: 760 | Score: 8
Experimental LSD group anxiety levels (measured using GSI)Active LSD placebo group
Start of experiment69.666
2-month follow-up60.267.7
GSI levels
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Jacob Jedamus-Denu
Jacob Jedamus-Denu on Mar 7, 2014 10:19 AM said:

In the first LSD experiment conducted in over 40 years, 12 cancer patients were given a dose of LSD. 8 of those patients received a full dose and 4 received placebo doses. Results of the study show that the 8 full-dose patients experienced a 20% reduction in anxiety levels whereas the 4 placebo patients became more anxious.

Anonymous on Mar 13, 2014 11:26 AM said:

Most excellent. If memory serves, acid will make you forget to be afraid, at least a little bit. I agree with Rhett, although one would have to be a bit careful not to "over-do" someone who might be a bit mentally fragile.

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