The Perception Problem Of Feminism

by SavvyRoo on Mar 1, 2016 | Views: 184 | Score: 0
% of non-feminist Americans that say they are not a feminist because...
Feminists are too extreme40
Feminists are anti-men18
I do not believe that men and women are equal11
None of the above reasons31
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SavvyRoo on Mar 1, 2016 3:11 PM said:

Gloria Allred once said, "If you're not a feminist, then you're a bigot." Most Americans, it would seem, wouldn't agree with that statement. According to a recent poll, only 1 in 4 Americans identify as feminists. When asked why they do not adopt the feminist label, only 11% say it is because they believe men and women are inherently unequal.