Trump Isn't The Problem, This Is

by Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Dec 11, 2015 | Views: 171 | Score: 0
Favor Trump's proposal to temporarily ban entry of foreign Muslims into the USOppose...
Likely Republican Primary Voters6522
All Likely Voters3750
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Anthony Sibley (AJ)
Anthony Sibley (AJ) on Dec 11, 2015 7:38 AM said:

Donald Trump's proposed ban on foreign Muslims has incited overwhelming rebuke from constitutional experts, the media, and other presidential candidates-- Democratic and Republican alike. But the one group that does not oppose Trump's proposal is perhaps his most important-- likely Republican primary voters. More unsettling, fully 50% of all likely voters either are in favor or unsure where they stand regarding selectively prohibiting entry to America exclusively by virtue of an individual's religion.