1 of These Will Be Our Next President: How Many Do You Know?

by SavvyRoo on Mar 16, 2015 | Views: 142 | Score: 0
Percent of Americans with an opinion of the following
Hillary Clinton89
Joe Biden78
Jeb Bush68
Chris Christie65
Mike Huckabee57
Rick Perry57
Rand Paul53
Ted Cruz50
Marco Rubio47
Rick Santorum47
Sources: gallup.com
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SavvyRoo on Mar 12, 2015 4:39 PM said:

Despite being a two-term vice president, Joe Biden comes second to Hillary in terms of the percentage of Americans that have an opinion on a list of 2016 presidential hopefuls. Almost 9 in 10 Americans have either a positive or negative opinion of Hillary Clinton in the lead up to national elections. Jeb Bush has emerged as a Republican frontrunner, though is a distant third in terms of being a public figure known to the majority of the American populace.