Deadliest Sniper

by SavvyRoo on Dec 8, 2014 | Views: 192 | Score: 0
# of kills with a(n)... iron-sight riflesub-machine gun
Simo Häyhä505200
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SavvyRoo on Dec 7, 2014 12:12 PM said:

Simo Häyhä was a Finnish sniper in the Winter War with Russia 1939 - 1940. He amassed his number of kills over a 100 day period. Throughout this time he was mainly alone hiding in the snow picking off Russian soldiers. He was finally shot by a stray bullet in the jaw, but recovered and lived until 2002. Consider, this man, alone, against a battalion killed an average of 7.05 soldiers a day.

Dustin M.
Dustin M. on Dec 10, 2014 4:26 AM said:

He was also known as the "White Death," and was incredibly skilled. He would do such things as putting snow in his mouth to cool his breath so the Russian soldiers couldn't see his breath in the air.