How Much Sugar is in Common Foods

by Dylan Walker on Oct 28, 2014 | Views: 93 | Score: 1
Grams of Sugar in One Serving
Plain Cake Donut8
Spaghetti Sauce7
Grape Juice35
Coke or Sprite33
Fast Food Double Cheeseburger on Bun9
Sweetened Applesauce19
White Chocolate Candy50
Raisins (1/2 c)43
Fruited Yougurt43
Unsweetened Carrot Juice9
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Dylan Walker
Dylan Walker on Oct 28, 2014 5:19 PM said:

Thanks to another piece of long-form journalism by John Oliver the pervasiveness of sugar in our diets is back in the news. After researching it a bit one can see that Americans take in too much sugar. To get all “science-y” on you for a moment it is important to remember that glucose is the good kind of sugar and fructose is bad kind of sugar. Here are some common foods and how many grams of sugar come in one serving. It is easy to see that staying away from sugar is almost impossible in modern-day America.