Homicide Hungry: The Deadliest Cities

by Jocelyn Rossell on Oct 28, 2014 | Views: 180 | Score: 1
With Homicide Rates Per 100,000 People (%)....0
San Pedro Sula, Honduras169.3
Acapulco, Mexico142.88
Caracas, Venezuela118.89
Distrito Central, Honduras101.99
Torreón, Mexico94.72
Maceió, Brazil85.88
Cali, Colombia79.27
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico72.85
Barquisimeto, Venezuela71.74
João Pessoa, Brazil 71.59
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Jocelyn Rossell
Jocelyn Rossell on Oct 28, 2014 10:01 AM said:

If you were wondering where you never should travel, here you go. These 10 cities, though not the most unsafe, are the ones with the most violence. Whether it be drug or sex trafficking, political riots, economic imbalance, or just seeking equal revenge, Latin America has the highest homicide rates. 9% of the world's population but 28% of the world's murders. Safe travels.