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Unequal Rich Countries Exhibit Lower Social Mobility »

At least among these few countries, the more equal countries have higher social mobility (see graph). It looks as if…

Equality Trust
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College Opportunity: Who Makes It Through the Bottleneck? »

Many occupations require a college education, and the economic returns to a BA are, on average, sizeable. It is therefore…

The Brookings Institution
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Race Gaps in Early Years Development »

Wide gaps in developmental opportunities during the critical early years signal the existence of an important bottleneck. A child who…

The Brookings Institution
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Community College May Hold the Key to Social Mobility »

The first contact with higher education for most college-bound students from disadvantaged backgrounds is the local community college. While community…

Why Marriage Matters for Social Mobility »

Marriage is becoming an affluent pursuit, and social mobility is stagnating: two big contemporary American problems. Having two earners is…