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Fracking Industry Lavishes Contributions On Congressmen »

On November 20, the House of Representatives passed a bill preventing regualtion of hydraulic fracturing, better known as 'fracking'. As…

The National Memo
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Pennsylvania Voters Give Fracking a Vote of Confidence »

To frack or not to frack? That was the question until Quinnipiac released a new poll this week on Pennsylvanian…

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What Just Made Two ND Towns More Expensive Than NYC? »

While the city that never sleeps often arouses strong ill-will when it comes to paying for an apartment, a booming…

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House Hacks Away at Environmental Regulations »

There was a 231 percent spike in the fracking industry’s political contributions to congressional candidates from districts or states home…

In These Times
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New York State Municipalities Say NO to Fracking »

On June 30, the New York Court of Appeals ruled that the towns of Dryden and Middlefield can use local…

YES! Magazine
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