“computer-science” Charts

Who's Hiring? »

Education and healthcare led the way for the top-hiring industries for recent college graduates for the 2014 year. The starting…

Jacob Jedamus-Denu
by: Jacob Jedamus-Denu
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Computer science classes don't count in high school »

Only half of states (the yellow ones on the map) allow computer science courses to count towards high school graduation.

Stephen Ostermiller
by: Stephen Ostermiller
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An Industry That Reads "No Girls Allowed" »

Computer science and coding are increasingly coveted skills in our ever more digitized lives, yet girls remain grossly unrepresented in…

by: Rachel
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When girls learn programming, teacher gender ratio matters »

code.org offers programming courses geared towards students as young as Kindergarten with a goal of getting all youngsters interested in…

Stephen Ostermiller
by: Stephen Ostermiller
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