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Banks Getting Bigger and Bigger »

Banks have gotten bigger since the early 1990s. JPMorgan, for example, had assets of around $300 billion in 1995; it…

Democracy Collaborative
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20 Largest US Banks Control 57% of All Bank Assets »

Since the onset of banking deregulation, more than half of the local banks with assets of $1 billion or less…

New Economy Working Group
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Assets of Community-Based Financial Institutions Increasing »

This allows local entrepreneurship to thrive by making it possible for small businesses to take out loans that traditional lenders…

Racial Disparities in Assets are Quite Dramatic »

The racial disparities in assets are dramatic. White families, on average, hold more in their retirement accounts than Black and…

Women Are Especially Reliant on Social Security »

Because older women have less income than older men and they receive a greater share of their income from Social…

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